Spectreforms have the following in common-

Biological Attributes: All spectreform objects will slowly regenerate to their originally shaped form as they use up the magic stored within them, and/or absorb magic from the air.

Magic Conductivity: Spectreforms are constructs of magic made corporeal. They are capable of storing and channeling magical energy throughout them, which makes them a magical barrier and storage device at the same time.

Shaped: All Spectreforms but Spiritgems are malleable under the will of a Shaper mage. Once Shaped, they can be sealed in that form, or left be as they are. If sealed, only the original shaper may release the seal and reshape the spectreform. Unsealed, anyone who understands how to shape spectreforms may shape them.

Coloring: All spectreforms’ coloration is dependant upon the will of the shaper while it is being shaped. Complex designs and coloration’s are possible, with a little more effort on the part of the shaper.

Spectreforms are made through a shaper using magical energy to conjure the material into existence. Once Conjured, a spectreform may be shaped with with minimal magical expenditure, but it can still be taxing. A shaper may reduce unsealed spectreforms back into magical energy, releasing it into the air around the former form. The amount of magical energy it takes to conjure a spectreform varies from material to material.

Wraithbone- 5
A material that is akin to metal. It is tough and resilient, making objects made solidly out of it rugged. It is a moderate conductor and capacitor of magic.

Shadowvein- 5
A magical equivalent to wiring, control panels, inputs, and outputs, Shadowvein can be used to make special magical technology, or Magitek, of various effects. It is a Superconductor, yet poor capacitor for magic.

Spiritgem- 10
The most unique of the spectreforms, spiritgems commonly come in three sizes- lesser, minor, and greater (4″, 1′, and 3′ respectively). Extremely talented shapers can created a much wider variety of spiritgems. It is a poor conductor, and supercapacitor for magic. One special effect of spiritgems is that they may play host to one or more souls, effectively keeping their consciousness and knowledge immortal.

Ghosthide- 1
The easiest of the spectreforms to produce, ghosthide is a flexible, tough material akin to a mix of silk and leather. It’s stiffness is dependant upon the will of the shaper while shaping. It is a poor conductor and capacitor of magical energy.


I have to say that my original idea of this came from the Eldar Codex, and their beautiful creations of guns and Wraith Constructs, and even keeps the name and basic status of Wraithbone as it is. The key difference here is it uses magic, absorbs magic, and protects from magic. And their are more substances like it listed here (The Eldar Codex implicates many materials like it)

I wrote this out for a RP game that I play, Dawn of Guardiana. It’s made by an old friend of mine, and like the original game we played, its quite the mashup of things. Technology and magic working in cohesion is quite the sight. Oh, and the best thing about DG is that every continent is a floating island. So everyone gets around with airships. Maybe other people will want to try this on for size, so hey.


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