DG Replot

M’terra had recently been through a civil war, which has had a number of side effects: Reduced population, even greater want for isolation, significant advances in medical and communication technology, allowing for cybernetics, organ cloning, superconducting electronics, and limited Artificial Intelligence. Other advanced technology is being worked on, such as electromagnetic technology, though advances are slow.

1000 years ago, a magical cataclysm split Arenal island into a multitude of islands of various sizes, people everafter calling them the Shattered Isles of Aether. It was caused by an Imperialistic mage, who was at war with all of the other islands. At the height of his power, he decided upon destroying Guardiana entirely, to remove the chance of the other island ever contacting each other again. His body couldn’t handle the massive influx of magic, however, and it ended up consuming his body in a massive explosion, that destroyed a small portion of Arenal, and sundered the rest. Following the incident, eight mages, each as powerful as any five masters by current day standards, created a seal within the deserts of Yrantanbol. The seal, which is eternally powered by the souls of those eight mages, inhibits the amount of magical power a human mind can tap before it induces dangerous levels of feedback. A side effect of this though, is that magic energy is spread evenly (outside of aether) and not as difficult to perceive. This side effect has allowed anyone with knowledge of the method to practice magic, instead of it being confined to the rare few that have genetic traits for such things (though those people are naturally at an even greater an advantage than before, though the seal means that they are simply faster on the uptake.).


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