Angels pityless Chapter organization

The chapter is split into a total of 12 companies. Five are assault companies (2,4,6,8,10), five are ‘tactical’ companies (1,3,5,7,9), and two are ‘commando’ companies. One for early training, and the other for actual live training and the beginning of their decisions as to which way they will fight for the rest of their lives.

Assault companies are split into four squads of assault verde, three squads of vanguard verde, two squads (4 with vanilla rules) of Blood knights (Sanguinary Guard), and a squad of Assault bes’verde (Iron warriors).

Tactical companies are split similarly, with four Tactical verde squads, three Naast verde (Destroyer warriors) squads, two Sternguard verde squads, and a tactical bes’verde squad.

A more general division of the chapter is also the mechanical division. Too useful to be split into companies of their own, Mechanical verde are spread throughout the chapter, manning everything from a lowly bike to the greatest of tanks, or even the great walkers based off of the Ancient Dreadnoughts of the Imperium.

A Tactical company usually has five predator tanks, three biker squads, five artillery walkers, a Land Raider heavy transport, 10 Rhino transports, and three whirlwind artillery tanks.

An Assault company is similar, with five baal predators, three land speeder squadrons, five assault walkers, a Land Raider, 10 Strilli Armed transports, and three Vindicator siege tanks.

Getting more specific, there are also a large number of more specialized troops that also compose a company- An experienced Librarian Captain, five librarians, a Reclusiarch, five Chaplains, a Blood Guardian captain, and 10 blood guardians. Every company has their captain, but each division has a general as well, which organize and track the companies under their guidance. Those generals are roughly equal to the chief officers of the less massive branches- The Blood Guardian general, the Chief Librarian, and the Grand Reclusiarch. All of which lie directly under the Chapter master.


2 Responses to “Angels pityless Chapter organization”

  1. Ace2666 Says:

    this sounds cool! what does the fleet look like?

  2. Fleet… probably won’t be worked on until I iron everything out on the ground side of things for good, and start working on the BFG fleet.

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