New Thingies

cuy an. I know its been quite a while, and I do apologize for that. Mainly, I haven’t had any particular rants or commentaries pop out at me. Though there is the announcement that any day now, I will be becoming a father. There is also the bit that once things become settled with my soon to be mother-in-law’s Disability, I’ll be less concerned with basic survival, and onto other things, such as really making money for myself as opposed to leeching off of people.

Horrible thing to say of myself, yet its true. But, that’s more or less going to change with this. I’ll be able to focus on my work on our culture, as well as our language, and personal projects. Or, more importantly, a real, economically viable project: The creation of an Indie game. What with the advent of Steam and the great hits of Terraria and Minecraft, people are flocking to new, original titles that focus on quality gameplay and story, rather than flashy graphics.

Though we’re keeping most of it under wraps right now, I’ll give a hint: Its a megaman style platformer, with some basic RPG elements, and hopefully cooperative and competetive multiplayer. And with me involved, you just know its story is going to be rich and developed. Which is more or less where I come in- I’m the lead writer, but I’m also in charge of the mechanics, and probably the music. We’re still looking for a sprite artist, though we’ll deal with that if I’m unable, and we have a much more completed game programming wise.

On a more definitive note, I’ve all but completed the Swadesh list. Lets just say that I had a spurt of frustration, and actually managed to get some things together. It’s just missing eight words. After that, it’ll be released as a late New years present. And the list following it will probably be done this time next year, if not sooner. Its at least twice as big, but I’ll actually be focused on it year round, instead of just from August. And I’ll probably have less distractions as well.

ret’urcye mhi, vode.


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