Pouring the Foundation for the Foundation

Or in other words, we need to start looking for ways to build a lasting source of funds. My idea for a solution: A business. Why a full out business? Because it builds up a back log of capital that can always be liquidated in an emergency. It also provides raw materials that can be discounted for clan members. It provides a separate income for the clan members as well. So then, what kind of business are we talking about here. To start out, we would actually need to get the capital ourselves.

My reasoning behind that is, Corporations are open to the public. Open to aruetiise. Plus, if someone with enough money goes after it, a random newcomer can just come along and battle with you for control of the corporation. So, we avoid that issue.

Next up, the objective of the company. What they do. Tax laws? Screw that, the IRS is illegal anyways. Aircraft? Good luck trying to get a niche in ultralights. Vehicles? Get your foot in on the alternative fuel sources and you might have something. Just be sure to have loads of money at hand. What I honestly suggest, to start with, is weapons. Its not hard to hand craft prototypes with a lathe and a few other tools, or get a basic forge for blades and armor. The largest companies in the world often had humble beginnings, and I feel we wouldn’t be very different. With a little talent and schooling for some engineering, we could be producing weapons on a fair scale from the get go.

Another thing to shoot for would be government contracts, something that would boost income and production by a fair bit. Having a few ideas for innovative weapons, funding and licensing would be all it takes to get off the ground.

Take the food for thought, and get back to me with ideas.

ret’uryce mhi, vode.


One Response to “Pouring the Foundation for the Foundation”

  1. Good ideas for a business. I think it could work if we can get enough people in on it.

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