Some good news

And good news it is, though my personal good news is going to be saved for later.  But I have stumbled on an incredible resource that will help us to build a better and stronger society, when the time comes.

The resouce comes in the form of a book. And what a book… Its the Self Sufficient life and how to live it, by John Seymour. In it, you can learn almost everything you ever needed to know about living off the land itself, working with nature instead of just using it as a throwaway tool.

And this is good news, because it allows people to live off the land at any scale- even to the point of being the sole supplier for the majority of a small clan. Not that thats a bad thing, because chances are, half the clan would be out there helping him anyways.

I encourage you to at least give the book a good read over. Even if you don’t live by it personally, it gives one an appreciation for those that dig out a life the hard way.

Not that the book doesn’t have some flaws. A great bit of specifics for animals and plants is left out. That would be because it’s a book of the basics. You’d want more information for tanning leather, butchering animals, building as a whole, and a variety of the other crafts. But it’s a great start, and gives one a great platform from which to build.

Now for the personal news. After a short- though still painful- split, me and my fiance have gotten back together. I’ll be going straight to her place as soon as I get home friday.

retur’yce mhi, vode. Until next time.


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