Time Away

Well, I’m sorta in Texas for the rest of the week, I’m thinking saturday or sunday at this point. Gotta say, it’s rather boring around here, but it’s time away from my issues. There is the issue I have of being disconnected from my network and resources, but that’s just something I’ll have to live with.

Now, seeing as there’s not much to do but talk to one kid half my age, watch crappy TV, and write, it’s not hard to see what I’ve been doing the past few days. I’ve been fleshing out the background and setting to what will be, if I ever get the motivation to write for it, my defining series. It’ll be on the scale of the Dragonriders of Pern, if I have my way about it.

Think of it this way. It’s a bastardized mix of the DoP series, the Legend of Dragoon, the Inheritance saga, and some Final Fantasy thrown in. And that’s pretty much just the core concept. The setting itself already has some unique and interesting locations that I’ll be throwing in to more than a few of the stories.

In hindsight, I may or may not see about writing a few short stories of the series in this blog. Obviously, they’ll be copywritten. I think with how I’m feeling about it, the Hellbound Trilogy is definitely an eventually project. Then again, I may just go ahead and discontinue it, as it’s a rather limited story, and I’m just… I was reaching for straws for ways to get it started up, set up the few twists, and such. Its working the hard way for some of the simplest things. So I’ve lost some of my interest in it.

Here in a few weeks, after I get back from Texas, I’ll be getting a vod from minnesota to come down to Kansas, then we’ll be making a road trip to Colorado to look at prospective terretory. I’m wanting to scout out the Colorado springs area, but we may have to just stick to the denver area until we have real resources behind us. I’m wanting an area close to arable land, yet close to the mountains as well so theres a fallback point that will be hard to get us in. And a bit farther south so that the elevation mixes well with the heat. Feedback on other areas similar to this would be helpful.

retur’yce mhi, vode.


One Response to “Time Away”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    what can i say?…

    Fanatastic post! Makes me change my embargo on commenting…

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