Ok, I’ll admit it, things have been hectic. I’m working on getting my fiance and soon to be mother in law off the streets, and into an apartment with me and some family. But beyond that… The forum has moved. The current one is now a decoy to prevent a certain unsavory group from causing problems for us.

This doesn’t mean those that wish to join are cut off. Send me an Email, or add my skype or msn, and I can give you a link and advice on a username, if you need some.

I would like to encourage those that are interested to at least look into the mandalorians, and get a good snapshot of our projected way of life. Currently, we’re still working on the culture, and me personally, heading the improvement, re-organization, and various other developments to mando’a.

Progress has of course, been slow. And it probably will be until things slow down dramatically. I’ll also be looking into people to help me, as there’s a large number of nonsensical developments that Traviss made in her time of working on it, as well as seperating out the proverbs and other sayings into their own thing. Our first real milestone is 2000 distinct words, definitely not something I can manage alone. Also, to give a bit of a peek at this: I think English has somewhere around 150k words.

Regardless, I thank you all for your continued attention. ret’uryce mhi, vode.


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