History, with a side of rousing speech

With my life the past month and a half being a morass of gaming, sleeping across the street at my brother’s house, and generally being a bum, I haven’t had much time to do anything on here, or even post about the an’jiise.

Granted, I’m almost done with the Vanguard Veteran fluff peek, but that’s really a back burner project now. See, things are moving, they’re changing, and people are going to have to start racing to keep up. And I want the mando’ade to be in the lead.

But first, a history lesson. Things most people don’t really think about when it comes to our constitution. Our constitution as we know it is actually the third written by the thirteen original British colonies that became the foundation for the united states. The first and the second were actually Confederations. Meaning a loose alliance of disparate states working in supposed unison. The constitution we have to day was being written in secret, because it was illegal. granted, it’s fine now, because it’s worked. In fact, it’s like buying a 10$ knife made in china, and it turns out to be as good as a Cutco knife. The founding fathers admitted that the constitution was only meant to last about twenty years. That means that its ten times older than it’s shelf life was supposed to be.

Why is that important? Well, lets look at some of the flaws for a moment. It didn’t have a built in bill of rights- they were amended on over then next decade. This meant that they overstepped a critical part of government, the protection of the state’s population through their inalienable rights. Next, the system of government they created had elements of both a simple republic and a confederacy. They called it the Federal system. It operates on both a statewide level, and a local state level (local states being what Americans think a state is, which is a holdover from the days as a confederacy), with the local state being subject to laws they decide, as well as the national laws. First off, that’s idiotic. Why double the amount of crap you’re going to do, and then have people running all over the country to get past laws in different regions? It’s made every part of the US government convoluted and inefficient. Two things which actually open up to the very real possibility of corruption.

While there’s more points I can make, these will suffice for my point. My point is, the United States is a sinking ship. It’s very foundation is past its life expectancy by a legendary stretch (considering that it wasn’t forced into staying around like some monarchy’s were), and it hasn’t been modified, or truly criticized in some time. Not by new eyes. The only people that care are politicians, most of whom are looking for loopholes that they can use to their advantage.

What with the current political climate, there isn’t very much stability at all. With the proper impetus (something I’m still thinking about, so I can keep an eye out for it.), the US will spiral into a civil war. Probably an uglier one than our last foray into fighting itself. This may sound bad, but it’s a bit of an ugly truth that has to be accounted for. It may happen, and it may not, but it’s idiotic to ignore the possibility.

The fact is, we need more people. Unless we’re serious, and start banding together, we’re going to end up on the wrong side of something. I can’t really say what, but that’s because it hasn’t happened yet. But I’ll be damned if it hits us without a fight.

There’s a good many people that can and will mock us. And I’d say let them. It lets us know that they don’t have what it takes. Argue, debate, do what you like, but the bald truth is, there aren’t enough of us.  There aren’t enough people that live the lifestyle to keep it alive past maybe fifty years. I’d say a culture would take about the same as genetics- roughly 1500 people in order to have the critical mass to grow. And right now I doubt that there’s more than fifty of us. That’s two highschool classes in a small town, spread out all over the world.

Those of you that might be interested, there’s a forum where a handful of us that are serious about this try to work things out about the culture. Personally, I’m dabbling in every bit of it. Any help in any part of this is appreciated. Granted, some people have very different ideas than me, but just like anything, it’s give and take.


ret’urcye mhi, vode.


3 Responses to “History, with a side of rousing speech”

  1. Naquadrea Says:

    I like what you posted, and you are right, we need more people, not just to stem what I can see is coming same as you see what looks to be coming, but also to protect that which we should have been protecting all along and not being self indulgent look out for number one people.
    if we (The USA) keep this close minded Idea of we need to look out for only our selves, we are going to lose everything. Sure we give to our charities, and we give to people over seas, but what about giving to the people you see out on the street who would be able to return the favor and help you when you need it. Till we as a country get our act together we are going to keep down this road till there is nothing left. Mandao is the way we must all head to push back the tide of impending War.

  2. anonymous Says:

    awesome blog…

    Very awesome blog !! I couldnt have wrote this any better than you if I tried super hard hehe!! I like your style too!! it’s very unique & refreshing…

  3. anonymous2 Says:

    I have to say, burcya… while I understand your sentiments, most of your history and much of your analysis is wrong.

    First, the Constitution wasn’t written in secret. Ever read the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers? They were widely printed publications in support of and opposition to the ratification of the Constitution. Second, we had to modify it as we went along, in order to get it ratified – meaning we had to present a Bill of Rights *before* the states would agree to it.
    And I’m failing to find any of the Framers saying the Constitution was only supposed to last 20 years, unless you’re talking about Jefferson saying “God forbid we go 20 years without such a rebellion (as the Revolution) taking place”, which was kind of a foolish thing to say anyway.

    And the Federalist system isn’t an opening for corruption; it’s a major check against itself. If governmental power is consolidated to the states alone, there’s no union, just a bunch of allied mini-countries. If to the national government, then there’s no competition; ALL law would come from the federal government, and no state or citizen would be able to do anything about it, no matter how wrong it might be. Their only option would be to flee to another country. Checks and balances are BASIC governmental controls on power, not inefficient openings for corruption. That’s what happens when you *upset* the balance, like we have today (the states have almost no power left today, leaving the scales horribly tipped).

    As for your assessment of our political and cultural climate, I have to agree. We’re fast approaching a major crossroads, and to ignore the possibility of outright war would be foolish. While we could potentially shape up and fix things for the next century or so, the outlook right now is bleak.

    As for numbers… It’s a tough call. While I’m always for more mando’ade, culture is not like genetics. You don’t need cultural diversity to prevent mutation. You need conviction. And if you accept every Tom, Dick and Harry who says they’re a mando into your fold, you’ll be quickly disappointed. In fact, the conflict between those with conviction and those without generally gains the culture new enemies that they did not need, rather than growing it. I’ve seen it happen again and again. You don’t want to recruit people; you want to adopt and train them.

    Anyhow, my two cents. Do with it what you will.

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