Updates to relieve emptyness

Theres quite a few things I’ve touched on recently, and quite a few developments. To be honest, it’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

As a short and simple version, I’m single again, and am even more dedicated towards living mando.

Mainly because I’m sick and tired of most aruetiise, and I need more brothers and sisters with which to live.  aliit adenn’yciia isn’t growing real fast at the moment, and in fact has even taken something of a dive, as two potentials have kinda proven themselves to not quite be ready.

Work on the an’jiise and mando’a have crawled to a stop, but I’ll be looking forward to sparking them back up again. I just… have to work on some things before I really can. Granted, that pretty much means this isn’t going to make much progress, but hell… I’ll be more active on the mando front at here: http://s4.zetaboards.com/mandalore/index/. They may have some crazy ideas, and some of them, kinda not all there with being mando, but it’s a great way to coordinate.


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