Adenn’yciian Fleet

Well, thank you Ace, you made me think of it, and it kinda became a bug in the back of my head. What is my DIY’s (and subsequently, their empire’s) ships going to look like? Well, a little hunting around (Because they may have their old ships and Fortress from their space crusader days) and thinking, I’m not going to use either the rules or the models of the BFG Space Marine fleet. Its too limited, and doesn’t portray what I want it to.

They have trading ties with both the Eldar of craftworld Yule’ni (A DIY for a later date) as well as a few select Tau Septs. Their understanding of technology is thus more varied, and not inhibited by a religious view of it. They also have a moderately sized defense fleet that patrols their home system.

The models for these moderately advanced, and completely new ships are going to be from the Cold Navy line, specifically the Mauridian expeditionary forces. Because only about half of them have anything more than names, it’s going to hit a base line, and grow as their line does. They will more or less operate as Imperial ships do, though with greater damage, points costs, and slightly higher speed. Look them over, and let me know what you think. I could build them myself, but as is, the rules alone will prove interesting to construct together.

Ret’uryce mhi, bur’yce.


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