Angels Pityless, 8th company strike force

Going out on a limb here, and going to actually post some mechanical bits. That is to say, the raw nuts and bolts list that I’m going to use. 8th company is my baby =3

Librarian (JP, Epistolary) [175]
Honor Guard [4x Melta, JPs] [205]
Librarian (JP) [125]

Asm 9x+sarge [2x melta] [210]
Asm 9x+sarge [2x melta] [210]
Asm 9x+sarge [2x melta] [210]
Asm 4x+Sarge [1x Melta] [110]

Sanguinary Priests 3x [1PF&MB, JPs] [225]
Sanguinary Guard [200]

Total: 1700

Now, there may be 50 points to spare, but those get saved up until 2k- so that way theres even more room for more ASMs and priests. Alternatively, another squad of HG is a great idea as well. Meltaspam on JP with an included Blood Bubble? yesplz.

Being separate from the imperium, the Angels have gone a long way, and realizing that basic first aid is a force multiplier has lead to great numbers of medics, officially called Tal’cabur, or blood guardians.

But yes, this is my list. Hopefully it shows the spirit of the assault companies.


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