hurp a derp

Well, I’m quite bored… And not really keeping up with my projects as much as I’d like. Perhaps I should exercise more self discipline, though theres still keeping up with THAT, on top of what it’s supposed to keep me working on.So what I’ll work on is my new Craftworld DIY that I’ve worked on a little bit. Like all two of my other DIY’s, it ties in to the whole of all my works. The Eldar, already being erstwhile allies or mysterious enemies of humanity, for various reasons, would have a good use for a force seperate from the Imperium with no issues at being used for war. Namely, Mandalorians.

A mercenary attitude, while not unheard of (them Kroot… what can ya do?), is something many Mandalorians hold. What with the way that we think, Resources and Technology for a job is not bad at all. Safer transportation that doesn’t rely upon an Imperium based source, with only a few conditional strings? Deal. Especially when it comes to a rather small craftworld that is rather… isolated. Its stuck more or less next to the heart of the Imperium, with little opportunity for help if they just pop out of the warp on the way to somewhere else… So a little help is more than appreciated.

I guess all of my DIY factions are going to be more or less allied… Unless I ever get into Orks, Dark Eldar, or Tyranids. Chaos will be told to suck a fat one, simply because they take the eight pointed star, and make it a laughing stock. Among other things. Ohh, and Necrons will be sooooooooooooo much fun once they get a new codex ^_^


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