Life’s progress

While I’m still  waiting for the parts I need to come in the mail, I’ve found a little jewel of a game by the name of Minecraft. It’s like a cross between a strange survival game and LEGO’s, with proceadurally generated terrain, crafting, and the ability to pretty much use anything in the world in one way or another.

On another note, I’ll be mobile again, because I sold my truck. Most of said money is going to be getting me into my grandpa’s old ranger. It’s only 5 years younger than the truck I just sold, but it has a rebuilt 4 Liter V6, and a 5 speed standard shift transmission. I’m going to have to be careful or I’ll kill myself xD.

A side affect of having found Minecraft is that progress on my codex has ground down to a crawl. It’s a long term project anyways. Games Workshop takes months to write the things, and they have full teams working on it. (Then again, they playtest the stats to at least get a semblance of balance) I predict that when I start getting my pieces finished, progress will skyrocket. So don’t worry bout most of that ner burcy’ase.

Sage has told me he has a post floating around in his head, about what it means to be a Mandalorian. Granted, his is probably closer to what Karen Traviss has put it to mean, but my lifestyle is very similar. A big difference between us is that she writes it as fiction; I live it. In the long run, a few discrepancies will pop up between the different clans, and that doesn’t bother me. Aliit Adenn’yciia will be what it will be. No need to worry about that.


One Response to “Life’s progress”

  1. sageoftimes Says:

    She based them on the Celts, so fiction? Not so much. That said, it’s about what feels right. KotOR & KotOR 2 were right.

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