An’jiise be Adenn Codex

Alright, I don’t have much of it done. For the most part, it’s still in phase one- The less fluff intensive, but descriptive portion. It doesn’t rely wholesale on other fluff to fit in, and could be a part of a non-renegade chapter that’s just a little wonky.My issue is, I need an editor. A writer can be hot shit, but if he has to worry about dead ends, organization, and similar things, he’s going to be bogged down. That’s half of my problem when it comes to writing: There’s nobody to edit for me, and it slows me dooooooown.

So if anyone’s willing to be an editor, drop a comment.

Remember, an editor just has to be good at basic Grammar and spelling. He reads it from the outside inward, and finds the snags that a writer misses.

ret’urcye mhi, buryce.


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