Mandalorians and Relationships

Alright, so this was kinda brought on by hanging out with the woman I’m madly in love with, but I figured I’d talk about it for people as a whole. Now, a relationship isn’t just two people that are together. Friendships, family, etc. are all relationships of one sort or another.First, I’ll go into family. It’s the biggest one other than the person you’re with. To Mandalorians, family is more than blood. It’s people you care about, people that you share a bond stronger than friendship could ever be. Granted, it could be less lasting than blood relations to some, but most of us Mandalorians aren’t much for obligation when it comes to our relationships.

To us, you have to earn it. But when you do, it’s a bond that can withstand anything the rest of existence can throw at you but eachother.

Needless to say, Mandalorians tend to have huge extended families, with several people they see as brothers and sisters that aren’t even related to them in the slightest. There’s also adoption as both a parent and a child to also consider.

Next, the one I feel the most strongly about. To a Mandalorian, their significant other is someone that they have decided to live with for life. The Mandalorian phrase for “I love you” is actually translated as “I know you Forever”. Which is a pretty big hint that they’re monogamous and lifelong. Granted, people aren’t like that much anymore, but that’s because of the twisted moral foundation of these ‘free’ countries, where stupidity is the name of the game.

They are, in many respects, the missing part of a Mandalorian. The piece that unlocks the true joy of our culture: Raising children. While adoption is common, and adopted children are no different than those actually born to the family, there’s nothing quite like the the deep, intense feeling of raising one of your own.

Now, I’ve touched on the point of being a parent, but it still deserves it’s own little part. Being a part of the Resol’nare, to a degree (Education covers raising your children as mandalorians) it also ingrains itself into our daily life. Nothing is more important than your family. Being a spouse and a parent are the number one priority of any mandalorian. And while the first is optional to a degree, the children that you raise are missing out if they don’t have either are missing from the situation.

In the end, the connections and relationships Mandalorians make are a core to each one’s being. A Mandalorian without a family of any kind is a sad thing indeed.

Also note that I may do a section on friends and social structure later.

ret’urcye mhi, buryce.


One Response to “Mandalorians and Relationships”

  1. Beautiful post. The Mandalorian word for love is a very big hint. You’ve summed this topic up nicely.

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