The Codices

Alright, so I’ve finally decided to take a logical and less wtf route in my progress to flesh out the fluff of my DIY chapter, its successors, and the attached IG allies. This means a Codex for the main one, and a codex covering the IG for them. Now, the successors are there for fluff reasons, and they also allow people that want a piece of what I have, with their own colorful touch to it. Mostly for fluff, as well as some naming conventions and other things. It will probably hosted on here as a pdf. Keep an eye out for it if I do. I’ve been told I’m pretty good at prose, so we will see how this folds out within the boundaries of canon.

The IG portion should follow relatively simply. They’re just converted IG with much better moral and drive. Not to mention smarter. No real gameplay difference, but it should end with much better fluff and reasoning behind them.

As a nice little bone to throw out, the two main planets in the Adenn’yciian empire are Hive worlds that have been under 450 years of cultural/economic shift. Life in this empire is still crapsack by earth’s modern standards, but its a far cry better than most of the imperium. Mostly because they have different ways of dealing with things now, as well as more of a unified drive. Still working on all of the details, as well as a majority of other things, but on the whole, things will fit much more logically.

ret’urcye mhi, buryce.


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