Fourty… Thousand… Projects.

My mind is just going, going, going going… I have an energizer bunny in my head! (in case you haven’t noticed that in the past two weeks, I’ve nearly doubled my post count)
First: Necromunda. Rulebooks are free to grab now, making it easy to get into the game through something like vassal. Its also really nice in that it can be persistant. It has really nice rules to deal with growing gangs, death, etc.

I already have a nice starter gang ready to go. Escher, the all-female house that has a beautiful mix of melee and shooty.  I think I want to run a RP on byond that deals with a Hive city’s underhive… It would lead to a very interesting, if crapsack, setting.

Next up is Killzone: A pure out 40k squad based setup. It uses any non-unique infantryman, bans vehicles and super units (except a single walker). It also has limits on units with 2+ armor saves, jump pack abilities, and bikes. The three of which can be negated by spending 10 points (a precious comodity for some army bases). After that, you HAVE to commit at least 75% of your troops to that type of fighter. This can mean Terminators for you Dark Angel fanboys. Have fun with your specially converted Deathwing!

On the whole, it’s a whole new ballgame for 40k. One that I’d like to see mastered, as it’s got a large amount of potential. Plus, it allows for much more investment into the hobby. It will give people a chance to actually build up their hero’s, without them being Mary Sue-esque. But I digress.

While I’m at it, I suppose I’ll go more in depth into Killzone: The rules, the random missions, and maybe how Campaigning will work. I’m also going to try and fit in some stories on the side, dealing with the exploits of my three squads (which will definitely be as good as I can make them. Plus, a diorama of one of my squads would be pretty nice…)

ret’urcye mhi, buryce.


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