An’jiise- Ranks, paths, and the helmets of soldiers

Alright, so the Angels aren’t your normal chapter of space marines. They’re Mandalorian, and they have their own way of doing things. An idea on how they tie these things up is the T-visors of their helmet.Most Mando’ade have had varied T-visors, depending on the era in which they lived and what it is they did. I’m not saying that I’m going to follow SW as a lead for how I live and lead, but simply stating that there is a precedent for varied Visors.

A battle brother, once leaving a scout squad, will be given three options: The Assault, Tactical, or Vehicle branches. They all scale up Relatively similar, though very different in the way they operate. Chapter companies are split into two kinds, with vehicle troops being indispensable to both groups.

The assault path is the most common, as even as Mandalorians, the Angels cannot escape their nature as Blood Angel space marines. Though they fall prey less to the black rage by way of hypnotically breaking away from Sanguinus, the Red thirst they embrace during battle. Assault squad > Vanguard Squad > Sanguinary Guard Squad > Assault Terminator Squad

The Tactical path is slightly more enforced than the Assault path, as it can be tactically more viable. Tactical Squad > Devastator squad > Sternguard squad > Terminator Squad

Lastly, those that operate vehicles are spread throughout all of the companies, and for the purposes of manpower, aren’t really considered marines (though they are just as able bodied as they’re less mechanically inclined fellows.) Operating Bikes > Speeders > Transports > Tanks > Dreadnoughts.

Units such as Honor guard, chaplains, Librarians, and Sanguinary Priests are culled from members of the other paths. Each company has a captain, honor guard, head librarian (termy), 5 librarians, a Recclusiarch (termy), 5 Chaplains, and 5 Sanguinary priests.

Ideas for the helmets, which will change depending on the unit, is as follows:

Note, these are only ideas, not full out. The only final version will be what I mold.


3 Responses to “An’jiise- Ranks, paths, and the helmets of soldiers”

  1. Assault needs some work, SG….eh could take it or leave it. Devastator is alright. Commander is a bit odd. Vehicle is…eh. Librarian is okish. Remember that Mandos focus on several things: Past doesn’t matter, bloodline doesn’t matter, achievement does.

    This opens up a ton of options, because it means the leader can be scruffy while the troops can be scruffy to polished and so on. Besides, they’d go through hell making all those visors just to re-work them.

  2. Well, I’ve thought about what you said a bit, and really, the helmets are going to stay with a person so long as he is in his ‘branch’ I’m likely going to scrap commander, as well as the separate Assault and SG visors. Chaplains, Librarians, Sanguinary Priests, etc are all going to have a common visor, likely the one listed as Librarian, with some more work on it.

    The vehicle one in particular is like that because they need a wide range of vision while they’re operating a vehicle, due to the copious amount of information panels and ports they’re inevitably going to have. Note that the only ones going to actually be seen with those are bikers, skimmer pilots, and dready pilots. Standards are going to be the purview of the tactical type fighters. Which actually means no devastator specific one either.

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