Now on Facebook!

Well, I got around to it, and we now have a group on Facebook to communicate our culture more readily than this blog. It will of course, be linked to said blog for those who want to read it. Primary of my concerns in this is that I want to Iron out what I think the culture should be like. This isn’t Star Wars, and it is most definitely not the whole creation of Karen Traviss. It will be going through re-adjustments, but not in a way that makes it any different at it’s core. Mando’a will be expanded. Certain distinctions will be made, and most certainly, we will have a system of government far different from anything the ‘modern’ world has.

On a side note, I suppose I should lay out the clans that have thus far been established.


aliik (Symbol): The Mythosaur Adenn’yciia, with an Akuran. (Pictures will follow, eventaully.)
sirbu’nar (Said action, or Creed): Ijaat, tor, bal kor. Honor, Justice, and Strength.
aliit’alor: Me, quite obviously.

aliik: WIP
sirbu’nar: naas cuyir haat. Nothing is True.
aliit’alor: Akaa’yashaa Kuuro’cyii

And also aliit Luu’bo, but I need to talk to Remii for the details to be ironed out.

Following this, there will also be pictures of the Aliik and flags of the aliite.



One Response to “Now on Facebook!”

  1. I’ve added these three clans to our forum.

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