The six actions of Mandalorian lifestyle. The basic followings that, regardless of any other point, make one mando’ad. Granted, some of it may seem to be strange, or you think that anyone that would follow this is wierd. Well, thats just another reason that you are aruetiise.

Ba’jur, beskar’gam,
Ara’nov, aliit,
Mando’a bal Mand’alor—
An vencuyan mhi.

Education and armor,
Self-defense, our tribe,
Our language, our leader—
All help us survive.

This means that you must raise your childeren (biological or adopted) to be mando’ade, own a suit of armor (not only to keep you alive longer, but it’s also for cultural identity), Defend yourself and your family (from any source), Contribute to your extended family, Speak Mando’a, and follow your leader.

While there is more to being a Mandalorian than this, this is what it means at the heart to be Mando’ad.


2 Responses to “Resol’nare”

  1. The Mando’ade have survived because they adapt as quickly as they can. They also have something else to cover as many eventualities as possibly, just in case.

    Armour isn’t just to protect you, it’s to give a similar image. Consider V is for Vendetta for those who have seen it. V’s face is his mask, and in that same way, the face, the skin of a Mando is their armour. Wearing armour strengthens bonds.

    Self defense is self-explanatory. Tribe/clan is also self-explanatory. Language ties Mando’ade together. The Mand’alor is considered to be an advisor to the clans. No one is stupid, but this warrior is one of the best. They know how to give the clans direction.

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