Because of an issue with EVE, I’m stuck re-installing it. The issue being a number of things added together. Client crashes, one of the things the new patch was going to fix, was a somewhat common thing for me in the last week. Come to find out in the patch notes… If you had this problem, you have to manually patch the game.Well FUCK. So I’m re-installing it, to avoid all the little stupid issues that happen when you mess with the files yourself. And their vagueness on which patch is which. Why even keep old patches on file? Especially if you’ve already updated to a new version of the game!

Stupidity, and redundancy are not things I appreciate people. *sigh*

Anyways… my time as a trial player ends today. I have to run down to the bank, and finalize my paypal crap, then I can play for another month, now with nothing to hold me back! Hoarders, Anchored loot boxes… contracts. Contracts in particular, because I can’t fill my current role only being able to accept contracts, not give them out.

blarg, things are going to get a lot more interesting from here I bet…


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