Two Weeks

Nearly. Got to say though, I’m off to a running start. While I may have to start specializing, and dare I say it, pull out a second account, I’m well on my way to my goals. I’ve decided that every Friday is when I’m going to do a section on Ship builds. I’ll do two, each fitting within a certain theme. DPS, Tank, Logistics, etc.

On the whole though, It’s really speeding up. I’m capable of flying Cruisers now, which is good. But what I need to do is stop there, and begin optimizing. Stop going after every new thing, and begin to just start pumping my skills up to the max. Going to start with the attribute skills, to bring the rest of it up fine, focusing on Memory, Perception, Willpower. Then, I’m going to start bringing up my Gunning skills. Specialize for T2 Autoguns, and T2 ammo. Though I need to look over those, I’m not quite sure how they measure up.

Of course, my goal with all of this is to make it possible to start building my dream builds, instead of just wishing about them. Bad side effect about those is they are FAR from expendable at this point in time. In fact, the thrasher build for Adenn be Haran will cost about 850million ISK. And Im not even sure at that. But… it will be one hell of a vehicle if flown right, and would mesh well with any gang as a nice Logistics headhunter. Not sure how it’d do PvE or solo, but thats what careful testing is for.

Valkyr Industries, my current Corporation, headed by one of my first friends on EVE, Valkyr’ja, has begun growing. I’ve done my best to drag in more recruits, and so far I’ve found two in the last two days. Soon, I’ll be able to get even more than that. I’m quite the motivational speaker, as you likely know if you found this blog through my Bio.

My plans are to stick with Valkyr Ind. until I have enough skills for 500+ corp members. Then I just split off and make my own, keeping close ties with Valkyr until I have the resources and skill to create an alliance. By that time, one can hope that I will really have the resources to begin a real venture into EVE’s playground: Nullsec space. I think I’m going to eat at the edges of it, fighting for every inch of sovereignty from empire space outwards. If I can manage that… well, lets just say its a stepping stone to getting bigger.


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