My First Intrepid steps…

Well, here I am. Typing to you all. Whoever the hell you are. The fact is is that you found me. Good. Hopefully you’ll gain something from it. If not, then that kinda sucks for you, unless you can teach me a thing or two ;).

I’ve started to play EVE Online over these last two weeks, and I must say, I don’t know why people keep harping about the learning curve. Granted, I still have a ways to go and many, many skills to develop before I can even afford to stop being a kerber, but I have plans. Big, mighty, vague plans of various levels of crazy. Think getting as big as BoB, and not letting the whole Goonswarm shit go down.

We’re going to be the equivalent of a merger between the two. Any tactic, and it shall be used. But! Until then I’m going to see if I can’t hunt me some pirates and shit. For instance, me and my current CEO, Valkyr, were waiting for a deadspace pocket to respawn. He’s off in a different system, and I decide to check it. Mind you, I still only have a few ships, though with some help from Valk and friends, I amassed something resembling 25 million. By this incident, I had probably put about two and a half in to Adenn be Haran, the Thrasher I got from the AdWar Tutorials. I particularly like Thrashers, as they have a nice dps possibility, and are fairly modular. Not to mention T2 Thrashers are dictors. Anyways, back to the story, I warp into the dsp to check on it, and I see some rats. I get into it, and probably have about 5 down when a random Russian Amarr jumps into system. He aggro’s me, and we start duking it out. He’s got me scrammed and webbed, but I still manage to nearly drop his shields before I pop. Not bad, for having ammo I normally don’t use. Titanium Sabot is crap compared to Phased Plasma. So yeah, I lost a ship worth about three mil, but it kinda helped me- I never noticed I was dependent on that one ship. I’m currently wandering about in the Adenn be Haran II, looking to test out different builds.


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